Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long til I receive my certificate?

Immediately upon completion of the course, via email.

2.  How do I start?

Enroll and pay following the links online.  Then check your email for a link to login and begin.

3.  Group discounts?

If you’re part of an organization, business or entity, and would like to arrange group discounts, email us first.  Also, we offer terms such as NET30 to government and business entities.  This allows you to get your staff certified ASAP, and pay later.

4.  Aren’t there a lot of bicycle training services already?  How is BicycleCertifications.com different?

Read the page!  Certification means you get a certificate, and we only give certificates out to people who take the course and pass our exam.  Also, we train people for business in the bicycle world.

5.  Is there support after training?

Our Level 1 Mechanic course includes one year of support following enrollment.  We also offer support to our business clients with ongoing training needs.

6.  Are our courses appropriate for law enforcement?

Yes.  Law enforcement agencies, like any other that require their staff to ride a bicycle, have a duty to train their staff on the proper use, safety and basic mechanics of a bicycle.  We do not train on the specific law enforcement use of a bicycle such as bicycle handling in urban areas, or proper mounting and dismounting technique.  Our courses will teach how a bicycle and the parts work, and how to do repairs (depending on the courses you take).

7.  Is there life after death?

We think so.

8.  Level 1 Mechanic – what if don’t have skype or access to skype for the final exam?

Get a friend with a phone or laptop that has a camera, or any device that will allow you to do a video recording.  Send us the recording.  Follow the identity authentication steps, and then follow the instructions.