Level 1 Bicycle Mechanic

Course Description:  The Level 1 Mechanic Course is our most comprehensive course and only course with the “mechanic” designation.  It incorporates the safety practices, best practices, industry regulation and legal information, mechanical concepts, mechanical hands on training, checklists, manufacturer resources, video instruction, instructor availability, and 1 year of trainer support.

This course includes materials from our other courses, but adds additional assessments where the teacher tests the student using live and/or recorded video. Level 1 Mechanics are proficient on the adjustment and repair of most common bicycles.  The student will learn derailleur and shifter systems, braking systems such as caliper, linear pull, and disc, tube and tire installation (clincher), bearing adjustments*, basic wheel truing*, chain installation*, industry safety and best practices, common bicycle related laws, and more. After initial video instruction, the student takes an initial multiple choice assessment using concepts and images from the video.  Then after proving basic conceptual proficiency through the assessment, the student performs the video assessment task list. The student sends video of the student performing the required tasks, and the instructor reviews the video prior to certification. All students are required to verify their identity using a state or other government issued photo ID on each video.  All students are required to perform 100% of the tasks, 100% correctly prior to certification.

Trainer Support!  This is another major selling point for our course.  It is impossible in any course to train on all the possibilities a mechanic will encounter in our technical world of bicycles.  And the expectations on a bicycle mechanic are pretty high, so we’ve included 1 year of support for all our Level 1 Bicycle Mechanics.  Through the use of email, pictures, video, phone, we have yet to find an issue we can’t help you solve.  Please note that if the issue is not included in the Level 1 course, we do not support it, but we will help steer you in the right direction.

Course Objective:  To prepare the student for entry level employment as a bicycle mechanic.  By the end of this course the student will have a basic proficiency in the most common derailleur and shifter systems, braking systems, tire and tube installation, bearing adjustments*, basic wheel truing*, chain installation*, industry safety and best practices, common bicycle related laws, manufacturer technical documents, shop equipment and tools, and basic bicycle maintenance.

Required:  Computer, tablet or laptop, to view the course.  You will also need a way to send video live or recorded, of Level 1 Test Items.  YOU CANNOT COMPLETE THE COURSE WITHOUT THESE REQUIREMENTS.

Bicycle tools required: Spoke wrenches (we recommend the black Park Tool SW0 and red SW2), 13 and 15 mm cone wrenches, open end metric wrench set (preferrably 6-22mm but you can get away with 8, 9, 10, 12, 13 ,14, 15, 17 only), allen wrench set in metric (preferrably 2mm – 10 mm), chain tool, tire levers, and floor pump.  

Recommended:   It is recommended that you have a bicycle repair stand so that you can leave the bicycle in the stand and perform the video assessment tasks.  It is possible to do without a repair stand, but difficult.  If you have another solution, that’s okay.  Feel free to check with us here if your solution might present problems during video assessments.

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