On-Site Training and Public Speaking

Chuck Hamm is the brain behind most of what we do at BicycleCertifications.com.  Most of the on-site training, public speaking and similar events are performed by him.  You can contact us here for pricing for on-site training, public speaking and business consultation and either Chuck or one of us here will be in touch soon.

Corporate events.  Would you like to train your staff on bicycle repair and maintenance?  We’d love to help.  Let us know your objective, and who the audience is.  It is important to know if the audience is going to be bicycle mechanic beChuck Headginners or bicycle industry professionals so Chuck can tailor the message.

Many people find learning about their bicycles to be very helpful and engaging.  We can prepare a short course of 1 hour or 3 day course on bicycle repair and maintenance.

Public speaking, and training.  Due to the business we’re in, we’re quite engaged in some very interesting topics that Chuck can speak on to your audience.  Below is a list.  We welcome your ideas as well!

  • Products Liability, Bicycles
  • Bicycle Commuting, Tips and Ideas to make it work for you
  • Bicycle Industry, Best practices in assembly, service and repair
  • How to Build a Wheel:  Turn a Rim, Hub and Spokes into a Wheel.  See the process from start to finish.
  • Bicycling, and your Fitness Plan
  • “Quick Start” in Bicycles.  Get our Quick Start training in person instead of on video.