About the Courses

Our courses are designed to give basic knowledge of bicycles, relevant law and safety in handling other’s bicycles.  Basic mechanics are covered.  We teach the mechanics for most common components and technology available in bicycles currently.  We teach with an emphasis on safety, how to protect from products liability, and a solid introductory approach to bicycle mechanics.  The courses below are currently offered, but your business or agency may need a training designed for your needs.  Use our existing courses to get ideas about what you want (ask for our free trial), and get an idea of what we can offer.  We will create new video and exam content for your staff.

Quick Start Basics is our training and certification course for beginners that have a bicycle related duty.  If you’re required to work with bicycles in any function, and you’re new to bicycles, this is the best place to start.  Or, if you need to “certify” that your staff has learned the basics, this course will do that and more.  Learn about the basics about bicycle functionality, name of the parts, common safety issues, common bicycle related laws and best practices to promote bicycle safety.  30 Minute video, 30-40 question multiple choice exam, certificate of completion emailed upon completion.

Bicycle Assembly shows the basics of assembling an entry level mountain bike with the components most common in our market.  The course trains on mechanics and emphasizes the best practices to avoid releasing a bicycle with a defect.  Bicycles are frequently released for sale with safety issues that could have easily been resolved or caught by someone with the training we offer here.  Some common examples are proper fastening of the wheels, handlebars and stem, pedals, derailleur range issues, etc.

The Derailleur and Shifter course provides mechanical and best safety practices for derailleur and shifter adjustments on bicycles.  This course is a little more technical and covers adjustment issues with shifter cables, derailleur range, front and rear derailleur, compatibility of parts, etc.

Flat Tire Basics is designed to get the learner started on flat tires without causing injury to others.  We cover tire installation, tire pressure, different innertube valves, common problems with tube installation, fastening the wheel and brakes, and more.

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