Price.  Different courses have different pricing.  The Quick Start certification course normally costs $149 but for a limited time the price is $99.99.  Bicycle Assembly is $59.99.  Flat tire, $19.99.  Derailleur and Shifter is $95.  You pay when you begin the course.  You are given 7 days to complete the course.   You can fail the final exam 2 times but must pass the 3rd time.  If you fail 3 times, you must pay again and try again.  The exam isn’t too hard –  just pay attention to the video!

Group and Contract pricing.  We offer group and quantity pricing.  If you want group pricing, do not “begin course” now.  Please contact us about this so we can discuss your needs and pricing.  Some businesses and organizations have ongoing needs and many people that should take the course.  We’re prepared for you but before we can provide pricing, we need to know more about you.

Free Trial.  If you represent a business and feel this course may help your staff, contact us and we’ll set you up with a Free Trial.  You will have 3 days to take the course (s) from beginning to end FREE of charge and determine if our courses are right for you.

B2B.  We also do B2B contracts for insurance companies, police departments, manufacturers, bicycle shops and bicycle related businesses.  If your business or agency would like to discuss pricing and contract terms, please start by submitting our web contact form here and provide instructions for who we should contact.

Terms.  For those with ongoing training needs, we offer NET 30.  Contact us to start the process of opening an account.  Then, you just email us the names of those you need trained, and we’ll set you up right away, and bill your finance department accordingly.

Independent Sales Reps are also welcome to request info for sales opportunities.