Bicycle “Quick Start” Training – what is it?

What is this “quick start” and who is it for?  First, we use an online platform that integrates the video training and testing of the learner into an easy user friendly process.  Most trainees finish the complete process in around 1 hour.  The trainee uses a system generated link to log on, watch a video, sometimes re-watch the video and then takes a multiple choice exam.  The exam is not difficult as long as the learner watches the video.  After passing the exam, a certificate is emailed immediately to the trainee.

Our training content focuses on common safety issues related to bicycle use.  For example, it is our experience that most bicycle users do not know how to properly install a bicycle wheel even though they can remove it quite easily.  This is due to the “quick release” (no tools needed) system that bicycles frequently have.  Most people can intuitively figure out how to remove the wheel.  But a potentially painful safety issue arises in the re-installation of the wheel because not only does the wheel need to be installed correctly so as to not loosen and fall off, but the brake often needs to be attached again.  In my experience, over half of the customers I’ve seen in my bicycle shops that attempt this process get it wrong.  This is one of many very common safety issues we cover in the Quick Start.

If your business involves bicycles in any way, get your staff trained!  Your staff will be happier, you’ll reduce risk, have safer staff and customers, and probably better sales, too!